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        Corrugated carton packing

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        Four classification methods for corrugated carton packaging?

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        Four classification methods for Corrugated packaging?

        1. by shape

        (1) square box. This type of carton is a positive cube, that is, long, wide, and high dimensions are the same.

        (2) high box. The cartons are large in size, small in length and wide and equal in size.

        (3) flat box. These cartons are large in size, small in wide and high in size and equal in size.

        2. classification by carton assembly

        (1) monolithic box. This kind of carton with a piece of corrugated cardboard boxes can be combined to cut a good.

        (2) two boxes. This kind of carton with two cut corrugated cardboard boxes combination.

        (3) three boxes. This kind of carton with three cut corrugated cardboard boxes combination.

        Corrugated packaging

        3. classification by corrugated cardboard

        (1) single corrugated carton. This kind of single corrugated cardboard cartons, cardboard boxes are using this.

        (2) double corrugated cartons. This kind of carton is made of double corrugated cardboard. It has good comprehensive performance and is used for packaging fragile items, heavy articles, and items that need long-term preservation.

        (3) three corrugated cartons. This type of carton is three corrugated cardboard, and its strength is the best. It can be used as a heavy equipment instead of wooden case. It is usually used in combination with the tray or container.

        4. classification by box cover

        (1) single open cover box. This kind of box cover is a cover page, in the box, plug sealing seams can be inserted.

        (2) double cover box. The box cover of this kind of carton is two pages, which is closed to the box. The end is the tongue, the lid is covered with the left and right, and the seal can be sealed.

        (3) cap box. Also known as the cover box, the box cover of this kind of carton is separated from the box, and the cover is covered on the box, that is, the cover is sealed. When the cover is sealed, the double wall box wall can be formed, which can improve the strength of the carton.

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