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        Corrugated carton packing

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        Does the paperboard have an effect on the corrugated cartons?

        Date:2017-10-13 Author:hangyupack1.testxy.com Click:

        Corrugated box packaging, which is made from corrugated paperboard in factories, is made by cutting, pressing, nail boxes or sticky boxes. It is the most commonly used packaging product in packaging and transportation. The corrugated cardboard is deformed in the process of careless processing, which will affect the quality of the product's printing, die cutting, or slotting angle. Let's look at the effect of the paperboard deformation on the corrugated box.

        After the deformation of corrugated cardboard, the following three conditions will occur: longitudinal arch, transverse arch and arbitrary arch.

        Longitudinal arch, which refers to the arch of the cardboard produced in the direction of production line speed.

        The transverse arch, which refers to the arches of the cardboard in the direction of the corrugating direction;

        An arbitrary arch, which means that the cardboard produces undulating arches in any direction.

        Corrugated paperboard is glossy and arched. It is called "regular arch". Corrugated paperboard is called "negative arch" with uneven surface. The surface of the corrugated paper is undulating and called "positive and negative arches".

        In the processing of corrugated cardboard, the deformation will cause the printing color, ink color, no uneven edge voids Sheng etc., and makes printing slotting machine slot size mobile box on a rocking cover heavy or sub commissure, die feeding can also easily stuck deviation and the size of the problem may have damaged or damaged equipment having the paperboard machine to suspend operation, and in the production of carton, carton waste increased.

        This is about the corrugated cardboard in the deformation of the cartons of the introduction of the effect, hope to help you!!!

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